Edipsos - Evia


The island of Evia is one with a unique and inspiring combination of landscapes and scenery. It is an island where nature thrives, and the dominating mountains provide a perfect backdrop to the sandy beaches and crystal blue waters.

Evia is an island that is ideal for visiting throughout the year. The easy access via the Chalkida bridge make it very easy to reach from Athens, as well as other major cities and towns in Greece.

The northern region of Evia is considered by many to be the most beautiful part of the island. Thriving with rich and dense forests, and shades of green, the rich and wild vegetation found here creates a truly magical setting, and a perfect destination for your holidays and travels on the island.

There are some beautiful beaches in the northern region of Evia which are ideal for the hot summer months. There are also many interesting trekking routes and paths that you can follow, allowing you to experience first-hand, the true charm and beauty of the area. With a wonderful scattering of churches and monasteries, as well as many interesting and traditional towns, the north region of Evia is an ideal holiday destination for all types of traveller.

One of the most famous towns located in the northern part of Evia that that of Edipsos ( Aidipsos / Aedipsos ). Edipsos is often refered to as the “Spa Town” of Evia, due to the famous natural hot spring and thereapeutical waters that are found here.

These magical waters have been known about since the times of antiquity, and have attracted millions of visitors throughout the years. Some of the famous visitors to Edipsos include Winston Churchill, Greta Garbo, Maria Callas and Onassis amongst others. Legend tells us that Hercules used to bathe in the waters of Edipsos in order to relax and regain his strength. The spa waters of Edipsos were also mentioned in the works of Plutarch and Stravonas.

Today, the town of Edipsos is just as popular with visitors arriving from all over the world to experience the natural healing and therapeutical powers of the hot spring waters.

Edipsos is also a beautiful and interesting town, where you can enjoy relaxing and enjoyable holidays. There are some wonderful beaches in and around Edipsos, which are ideal for those hot summer days. Along the beach road in Edipsos, you can find an excellent selection of restaurants and tavernas offering a great choice of cuisine. There are also a number of cafe bars where you can enjoy a drink and interesing nightlife.

Edipsos is a town that attracts all types of visitor. From those visiting purely for the spas and hot springs, to those who are looking for a place to enjoy a rewarding holiday on the island of Evia, the town of Edipsos is an ideal choice for your visit here, any time of the year.

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